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SSEU’s Objectives

The principal objectives of the Union are:

  • Promote good industrial relations between members and the employer
  • Improve the working conditions of members and enhance their economic and social status
  • Achieve the raising productivity tor the benefit of members, their employer and the economy of Singapore


SSEU’s Logo

  • S is symbolic in this respect as the union belongs to the employees of Shell in Singapore.
  • Bold green strokes represent “the show of strength" among members. The clean, white strokes created depict the route to the “central think tank" (represented by the oil droplet) where problem solving, policy matters are discussed around a "table". Green shows growth and youthful dynamism.
  • The slight slant to the right symbolise the move towards dynamism. Bold strokes again dominate the logo and depict strength of character and union


SSEU’s Mission

The challenge for the union is to remain relevant and effective to fulfil our mission:

Our Mission is:


Our Strategic Plan to fulfil this mission is to work on these areas:

To give added value to membership by enhancing members personal sense of security, self-confidence and dignity by providing options to increase their employability.

To provide dedicated and competent leadership to fulfil our mission by increasing the depth and breadth of union leadership at all levels.

Quality Life
To enhance the quality of life of members and their families by promoting a healthy, caring and fulfilling lifestyle and a safe work environment.

Industrial Relations
To work together in a strategic alliance with management for the mutual benefit of employees and the company by establishing trust, mutual co-operation, and union involvement in industrial matters.

A Strong Union
To ensure the union remains relevant, viable and effective.

  • by increasing union membership
  • by providing effective leadership
  • by strengthening financial resources
  • by strengthening relationships


History of SSEU

Workers in Shell have been represented since 1955 by:

  • Shell Employees' Union (1955 to 1958)
  • Federation of Oil Workers Union (1958 to 1960)
  • National Union of Oil Workers (1960 to 1961)
  • United Workers of Petroleum Industry (1961 to 1984)
  • Singapore Shell Employees' Union (1984 to date)

The union in Shell faced considerable difficulties in obtaining recognition in its formative years. Nevertheless, the union managed to overcome their problems and difficulties to play an important and positive role within Shell, the labour movement and the political history of Singapore.


  • National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
  • Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF)
  • Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE)
  • IndustriALL


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