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Membership Benefits at a glance!



  • Union Representation and employment advice
  • Bargaining Power
  • Receive up to $250* training benefits from Union Training Assistance Programme(UTAP).
  • Enjoy member preferred rates with selected courses by NTUC LearningHub and NextU.
  • Skills Redevelopment Programme
  • Free Insurance coverage (after working hours)
  • Employment Services for Member's Children and Retirees
  • Insurance coverage of up to $40,000 under group insurance plan, NTUC Gift.



  • Study Grants for Members' Children
  • WISE Hospitalisation and insurance coverage
  • Hardship Assistance Grants for lower income members such as Back to School vouchers, Family Recreation and Fun Carnival and U Stretch vouchers



  • Free or discounted admission to Clubhouses
  • Country Clubs – Orchid and Aranda
  • Discounted movie tickets and linkpoints at Cathay Cineplexes
  • Enjoy up to 15% off child play rates at eXplorerkid
  • Up to 25% promotion and discounts at D'Resort.
  • Up to 30% at over 300 dining outlets islandwide
  • Join my golf kaki to enjoy golfing benefits such as maintenance of golf handicap, golfer insurance & more.
  • 1 FOR 1 Admission to Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
  • Enjoy 20% off admission to Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park
  • Enjoy 5% off admission to Night Safari and River Safari



  • Cash rebates and linkpoints at NTUC Fairprice
  • Enjoy up to 10% off at Unity Denticare clinics
  • Get 10% off TCM treatments
  • Get Double Linkpoints on Thursday at Unity and The Living Pharmacy outlets
  • Earn Linkpoints at over 900 participating merchants
  • For as low as $4.50 a month*, insure yourself of $50,000 against death, permanent and total disability and 30 critical illnesses with LUV from NTUC income.
  • Discounts at selected outlets
  • Up to 15% off NTUC ValueMeals at NTUC Foodfare


U Live Community Age-Enhanced Benefits (55 years and above)

  • Enjoy 1 for l holiday stays
  • 10% discount on purchases made every Tuesday at NTUC Foodfare
  • Discounts for healthcare and wellness products
  • Be part of active golf and sports activities
  • Many more benefits and privileges for U Live members, please login



1. Ordinary Membership

All bargainable and junior executives of the Shell Companies in Singapore and the subsidiary and associated enterprises in Singapore are eligible under this category. As a ordinary member, you are eligible for collective bargaining benefits, grievance handling and other social benefits provided by SSEU.


2. General Branch Membership

All non-bargainable and executive who are not eligible to join as an Ordinary member, can join this category. You will be able to enjoy the social benefits offered by the NTUC Link and the use of the Orchid Country Club facilities.


Membership Fees for General Branch Membership

Subscription - $9 per month (Jan to Nov)

$18 (Dec), additional month for Group Term Life Insurance (NTUC Gift)


Please print the Union Membership Form, fill up and send the originals with a passport size colour photo to:

SSEU Office, 6th Level, Metropolis Tower 1, 9 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138588 OR

Hand it to your respective department delegate.

Forms are also available from the union office or your respective union delegate.




NTUC Gift is a group insurance exclusively for all union members below 65 years old and with at least 6 months of continuous membership.

Union members are covered for death and permanent total disabilities due to accidents or natural causes during and after working hours, up to sum assured $40,000. In recognition of the contributions of union leaders, coverage for this group is double. Spouses of union members are also covered for death or permanent total disability, up to $1000, subject to members meeting the criteria.

For claims, please contact the union office for assistance.


WISE Insurance Scheme

All the SSEU members are insured by the Welfare Insurance Scheme (WISE). WISE is an insurance protection provided for all the union members, their spouse and children. The coverage is on a 24 hours a day basis on grounds of illness and accident during and outside working hours, up to $5,000. The range of insurance covers death, hospitalisation, permanent and total disability.

All claims are to be submitted within 30 days of occurrence. Please contact the union office staff for more information on the WISE Claims.


NTUC Plus Card

The new NTUC Plus Card is a magnetic stripe card that allows cardholders to earn & redeem l.inkPoints at Fairprice and other participating merchants. The LinkPoints will be stored in a back—end system and not on the Card itself.

The NTUC Plus Card sewes as a membership card for Ordinary members and General Branch members. This card will serve as a membership card for members to gain access to services and facilities of NTUC Club, resorts and cooperatives.


SSEU Co-operative Ltd

SSEU is the founder member of this Cooperative Society. Dividends are paid on shares and subscriptions and interest on savings. Members can take loans at reasonable rate of interest. The types of loans available are Personal, Education, Renovation, Instant Credit, Parenthood Assistance and Marriage Assistance Loans.

The Society also gives additional benefits and coverage under the Society's Common Good Fund. For more details please go to the Co-operative website at or call 62151514.


Well Wishes and Condolences

The Union conveys well wishes by sending speedy recovery floral bouquets when members are hospitalized. Baby hampers are also sent when female members or wives of male members give birth.

Condolence and sympathy messages are also sent on the demise of members immediate family. Immediate family refers to parents, spouse and children.


Social And Recreational Facilities

Union members and their families can have an exciting range of holiday amenities and programmes of activity for participation by holiday makers of all ages at the following resorts and country clubs, locally and internationally.

You can log on to for more information.


Orchid Country Club Golfing Facilities

SSEU has 4 golfing memberships at the Orchid Country Club. Union members have the privilege to use the memberships at discounted green fees rates. Bookings must be made to use the cards. Please contact the SSEU staff for more information.


NTUC Fairprice Membership

As a union member, you can become a shareholder of NTUC Fairprice. You can enjoy handsome rebates for sundry goods bought from any of the NTUC Fairprice supermarket chain. Rebates for purchases will be credited into your bank account annually via the NTUC Plus Card. You will also be entitled for the Link points for purchases. For information and updates, please click on the


Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE)

Our Union is a member of CASE As such you can make use of the services of CASE if you have any complaints against seller of goods or services. As a member, you need to pay only $10.00 for each complaint made instead of the usual $25.00


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